Now I’m a pretty stable guy – crying, whining and noises don’t get to me. So, if my boy starts crying due to no imminent danger and just because he can’t reach a knife (or something else ridiculously dangerous which is what he is always inevitably aiming for), then I let him cry. Go ahead, I’m busy with something else. And you really have no use for a knife!

That’s when his shit may break loose! And I love it. He turns into this mini monster. Although let me caveat that I have only seen this when he is undergoing a massive lack of sleep – so his tantrums are somewhat explainable. But they are hilarious.

We’re basically talking angrier than the Incredible Hulk – without the size or muscle – but angry and vicious. So much so that it makes me crack up and laugh. There is something very endearing about a baby trying to be angry and throwing a massive tantrum. I mean, he let’s go – really just tosses it all out there. He’s not kidding around. He falls to the floor and then picks himself up only to throw himself to the floor again repeatedly. And it gets worse from there if you try to touch him or console him – he does not want sympathy or direct attention. Nor does he want the item or thing that initially caused the tantrum any longer. Now he just wants to see how big he can get that tantrum. And the worst part is that I can’t stop laughing. Happens every time. He starts tantrum, I start cracking up. I almost egg him on to see how big the tantrum can get. Wife is never pleased as she has to deal with it and the clean up because our boy will have nothing to do with me temporarily after I instigated the tantrum further.

But it’s so cool. It’s like having a mini monster attempting to rip the house apart, but he doesn’t have size, strength or the reach to do it. It’s so cute that I want to pick him up and hug him. And that pisses him off even more.

I suppose that eventually he will grow up and out of tantrums. And that has to be. But I really am going to miss the stream of entertainment. You really can’t buy that. I have to start a video library to embarrass him when he grows up!