Playgro Ball Playnest Activity Gym

AED 32 for minimum 3 days rental

The Ball Activity Nest offers four fun stages of play!

Mode 1 – Playgym: the colourful plastic balls are secured around the edge of the gym with the gym walls fastened down, creating a standard playgym with hanging toys for batting.
Mode 2 – Playgym: the gym walls are up creating a safe and secure place for baby to lay and bat the toys.
Mode 3 – Ball pit with hanging toys: gym walls are up creating a ball pit with the balls loose in the gym for play, while the hanging toys continue to be used for batting and practicing motor skills.
Mode 4 – Ball pit: gym walls remain up and gym arms are removed creating a proper ball pit for play with the loose colourful balls!



  • 4 modes of play in one gym!
  • 32 colourful plastic balls
  • Detachable water-filled teether
  • Detachable hanging toys

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