Hauck Open’n Stop Safety Gate

AED 42 for minimum 3 days rental

Pressure Mounted

Suitable for use between rooms, hallways, doorways and bottom of stairs


The safety gate Open’n Stop offers child-friendly safety at home. The attachment is done in the twinkling of an eye. The metal gate is clamped by pressure mounting between walls or doorways. Drilling and screwing is not necessary.



  • Suitable for widths from 74 to 81.5 cm and has a two-fold manual locking mechanism.
  • It can be opened with one hand and locks reliably in a childproof closure.
  • Opening dimensions with extensions:
    with extension: 9 cm = opening widths from 83 to 90.5 cm
    with extension of 9 cm + 9 cm = opening widths from 92 to 99.50 cm
    with extension of 21 cm = opening widths from 95 to 102.50 cm
    with extensions of 21 cm + 21 cm = opening widths from 116 to 123.5 cm
    with extensions: 9 cm + 21 cm = opening widths from 104 to 111.50 cm
  • If you use the hauck Y-spindles in combination with the 9 cm and 21 cm extensions, the following options are possible:
    Door gate + extension 9 cm + spindle


Installation Video


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