Fly LegsUp for Kids

AED 26 for minimum 3 days rental

Designed for kids 2+


The Fly LegsUp Flight Hammock is the ultimate travel companion for adults and children on economy long haul flights. It is a tool to help make your flight more comfortable by enabling you to elevate your feet and legs into many different positions, supported by comfortable inflatable pillows




  • The hammock is a comfort aid, designed to support your child’s legs and feet for sleep and play when they fly.
  • It is very adaptable and moving the pillows around changes the way you can use the hammock
  • Make a flat surface for young children or a recliner for the older child
  • Move the pillows into different positions, sideways, sloping, stacked etc.
  • Change the inflation of the pillows from firm to soft and squishy
  • The large pillow (1/2 inflated) makes a good headrest for sleeping
  • Make use of the pillow the airlines provide
  • Ultra-light and compact design, weighing less than 500g
  • Ensure when you book your flight, that you have a seat in front of you (not a blank wall) as you need a dropdown tray table to attach the hammock


** Use of this hammock is at the discretion of the Customer.  Emirates and Etihad airlines have confirmed that these devices are banned.


Important things to know from the maker of Fly LegsUp:

“As there are hundreds of airlines around the world, we had to find a way to comply with worlds best practice for airline safety and compliance. Most airlines and cabin crew are more than happy for you and/or your child to use the Flight Hammock and be comfortable. Use of our product is ultimately at the discretion of the cabin crew on the day and whilst we cannot guarantee you can use your hammock on every single flight, in our experience, it is unusual to be told you cannot use the hammock. Please refer here to see some of the international airlines our customers have flown with.”

To read more, go to Fly LegsUp FAQ


User Guide for Fly LegsUp for Kids

You Tube Installation Video





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