Brevi Lindo Changing Mat + Bath

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Not all the bathrooms are spacious. So it can prove really useful to have a changing unit that closes up after use or which can be placed over sanitary ware in the bathroom. It is mounted on a painted folding flat tubing frame which make a compact closing. It is light and stable thanks to the support base with non-slip feet. It takes up little space, when installed over existing sanitary ware into which the water from the tub can be drained off, in front or back-facing position as needed, making it ideal for small bathrooms.



  • Brevi bath-changing mats are certified according to European standard EN12221
  • Well padded changing mat, flips over for bathing, with safety barriers
  • Supplied with practical washable plastic compartment for storing items
  • Changing table with integrated bathtub
  • Folding frame for quick and easy storage
  • High legs to put on a sanitary facility
  • Large change surface with raised edges
  • Bath with flow


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