Baby Einstein Symphony Activity Jumper

AED 63 for minimum 3 days rental

Suitable for ages 6 – 12 months

Your baby can jump, wiggle and play to the sounds of soothing classical melodies in the Baby Einstein Neighborhood Symphony Activity Jumper. Sitting in the comfortable, padded seat, your little one can explore a variety of instruments and their sounds like the piano, guitar and bongo drums, rotating around to each one as it catches his or her attention. With multiple play modes, three language settings, and a height-adjustable design that can grow with your child, this educational toy provides countless hours of entertainment.


  • Jumper plays classical music and allows baby to make his or her own tunes using the interactive toys
  • Multiple play modes and three languages provide hours of educational entertainment value
  • Padded, high-back seat rotates 360°, so baby can explore all the instruments around the jumper
  • Removable, light-up bongo drums can be played on the jumper or on the floor
  • Four-height adjustment lets you customize the jumper as your little one grows
  • Jumping platform with a sturdy frame provides durable support and ample bounce
  • Machine-washable seat pad and a wipeable design enable easy cleaning


User Guide for Baby Einstein Neighbourhood Symphony Activity Jumper

Instructional Video


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