Ameda Collection Kit

AED 189 for minimum 3 days rental

This product is a single user item available for purchase only. Use by more than one user may pose a health risk.


The Ameda Dual HygieniKit Without BPA or DEHP is an exclusive system has a unique silicone diaphragm that prevents moisture and milk from entering the tubing so under normal use there’s no need to clean the pump tubing! Each Ameda HygieniKit comes sterile, pre-assembled and ready to use.



  • First Closed System – Diaphragm between the breast flange and tubing to prevent moisture and milk from entering the pump tubing.
  • FDA Approved – Patented silicone diaphragm acts as a two-way protective barrier to viral and bacteria contamination.
  • Sterile Packaging – Each HygieniKit is sealed in sterile packaging, fully assembled and ready to use.
  • Works with All Ameda Electric Pumps – The HygieniKit is compatible with all of Ameda’s electric breast pumps including the Ameda Elite and the Ameda Purely Yours models.
  • Easy to Clean and Assemble – Closed system eliminates the need to wash the pump tubing so there are fewer parts to disassemble and clean after each use.


Dual HygieniKit includes:

2x 36-inch Tubes, Tubing Adapter/Pump Connector, 2x Adapter Caps, 2x Patented Silicone Diaphragms, x2 Pump Bodies with Breastshields, 4x White Valves, 2x 4oz. Bottles, 2x Bottle Caps with Locking Rings, Instruction Booklet


User Guide for Ameda Hygienikit Collection Kit

Instructional Video