Quick Answer: How do you wear a baby in a Tula?

The carrier’s panel should be centered on your body. Hold your child so that he can wrap his legs around your waist. Use one hand to support the child while using the other to lift the panel up behind the child’s back. While supporting the child with one arm, slip the other arm into the strap.

Do you need an infant insert for Tula?

To help ensure they are kept safe and comfortable during these early stages of babywearing we have designed an infant insert for use in our Tula Standard Baby Carrier. Due to their design, you do not need an infant insert to carry your newborn in our Free-to-Grow, Explore or Half Buckle Baby Carriers.

What age can you use a Tula?

Tula says that the Standard Carrier can be used from 15-45 lbs (under 15 lbs should use an infant insert). Tula does not give an upper height or age limit for the Standard carrier. The guidelines for the Toddler Carrier suggest that babies be a minimum of 18 months old, 32 inches long, and weight at least 25 lbs.

Which is better Ergobaby or Tula?

In the Tula vs Ergo debate, keep in mind that Tula is more accommodating to higher weight babies. The straps are more comfortable for the adult. It is also more affordable compared to the Ergo. Ergo offers more carrying positions including hip and outward facing in the 360 model.

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Can you back carry with a standard Tula?

The standard Tula baby carrier (starting at $121.18) is designed for inward-facing front carry and back carry, and works for babies and toddlers up to 45 pounds.

What is the meaning of Tula?

noun. a city in the W Russian Federation in Europe, S of Moscow. a city in SW Hidalgo, in central Mexico, NW of Mexico City: site of ruins believed to be of the ancient Toltec city of Tula, fl. a.d. c1000–1200.

Can the Tula forward face?

If you would like a carrier with the option to forward face, we’d recommend the Tula Explore Baby Carrier that allows you to face in, face out, and back carry. The Free-to-Grow Baby Carrier is not designed to offer the forward facing carrying position.