How do you crochet a double crochet baby blanket?

How many rows are in a double crochet baby blanket?

Finished Sizes

Height Total Rows
Stroller 35 53
Receiving 40 60
Baby 52 78
Throw 60 90

How many balls of yarn do you need to crochet a baby blanket?

Generally speaking, baby blankets with Bernat Blanket use 3 to 4 balls. The texture, hook size and density of stitches are pretty much the deciding factors. Approximately 660 – 900 yards.

What is the average size of a crochet baby blanket?

Standarad Crochet Blanket Sizes

Blanket Dimensions (inches)
Stroller 30 x 35
Receiving 40 x 40
Baby 42 x 52
Throw 52 x 60
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