You asked: Who Cured blue baby syndrome?

Vivien Thomas
Institutions Johns Hopkins Hospital, Vanderbilt University Hospital
Research Blue baby syndrome

How did Vivien Thomas cure blue baby syndrome?

He overcame discrimination from colleagues for not having a formal college education and for being one of the few black surgical engineers’ in the field. He explored the cure for the Blue Baby Syndrome by conducting over 50 surgeries on test subjects, dogs.

What happened to the first blue baby surgery?

Until the day of that milestone blue baby operation, most infants and children with the heart defect died. This surgery was deemed a success, thanks to implantation of the new shunt, which increased blood flow, allowing enough of it to pass through the lungs and pick up more oxygen.

What did Vivien Thomas do?

The life of Vivien Thomas is an inspiring story of an African-American pioneer who overcame the barriers imposed by a segregated society. With no formal medical training, he developed techniques and tools that would lead to today’s modern heart surgery.

How long did the first blue baby live?

Despite the initial success of her “blue baby” surgery, little Eileen Saxon was born with too many other health problems to survive. She was unable to sustain her growth after the historic operation and died nine months later following surgery on another section of her heart.

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What does it mean to be born a blue baby?

Blue baby syndrome, also known as cyanosis, is when your baby’s skin has a bluish discoloration, especially when they cry. The discoloration is most obvious in your baby’s lips and hands. This condition is caused when there is a shortage of oxygen in your baby’s blood.

Do blue babies survive?

Studies show that the long-term survival of “blue babies” and other patients with congenital heart defects is reasonably good. Over 90 percent of the patients are alive 20 years after the first conduit operation, while the mortality rate within 30 days after the operation is less than 1 percent, reoperations included.

Who did first heart surgery?

Fifty years ago, on 3 December 1967, the world’s first human-to-human heart transplant was performed by Dr Christiaan Barnard at Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town.

Is Something the Lord Made a true story?

”Something the Lord Made” is based on a true story, and it faithfully tracks the rise of both Blalock and Thomas. … Blalock), Mos Def (Vivien Thomas), Kyra Sedgwick (Mary Blalock), Gabrielle Union (Clara Thomas), Charles S. Dutton (William Thomas) and Mary Stuart Masterson (Dr. Taussig).

What disease did Dr Blalock almost died from earlier in his life?

Alfred Blalock (April 5, 1899 – September 15, 1964) was an American surgeon most noted for his work on the medical condition of shock as well as Tetralogy of Fallot— commonly known as Blue baby syndrome.

Alfred Blalock
Education University of Georgia Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Medical career
Profession Surgeon
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How did Vivien lose all his college savings?

In 1930, Vivien Thomas was a nineteen-year-old carpenter’s apprentice with his sights set on Tennessee State College and then medical school. But the depression, which had halted carpentry work in Nashville, wiped out his savings and forced him to postpone college.