Quick Answer: How do you share the hatch baby app?

Can two people use the hatch app?

You can add additional users in the Hatch Sleep app where they will have full device control. From Settings, go to Add a Person. You’ll be prompted to enter their email, then we’ll take it from there by sending them an email to download the app.

How do I add another phone to my hatch?

Tap on the Rest you’d like to connect to and you’ll be brought to the main remote screen. If you need to add a new Rest+ to your account, tap the “Add a Device” icon and follow the steps in the app to connect.

How do you invite someone to hatch?

Granting and receiving access to a Rest+

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select your Rest+ device.
  3. On the device settings page, under “Access,” tap on “Add a Person.”
  4. Enter the email address of the person who needs access, and then hit invite.

Does Hatch work without wifi?

Yes, you will need a Wi-Fi connection and the Hatch Sleep app. … You’ll also use the Hatch Sleep app to use the two-way audio monitor feature and to create and edit your child’s bedtime and wake-up programs.

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Will Hatch rest work without wifi?

In most cases, even if your Rest+ is offline but plugged in, your programs will still run and you’ll be able to control your Rest+ using the touch ring or buttons.

What colors promote sleep hatch?

Babies and children seem to also be negatively impacted before bed by blue and white lights. That’s why warmer colors are often recommended for night lights. A 2018 study examined the impact of two colors of light — whitish-blue and yellow — on the sleepiness levels of children and adults.

Does Hatch have pink noise?

We encourage you to try white (or pink) noise when you think you need it, but we want to be clear this is not something you should use ALL day. … Our Hatch Restore provides noise options from rain to white noise to meditations and more.

How do I pair my hatch rest?

3 Connect your Rest+ Open the Hatch Rest app and follow the steps to connect your Rest+. highter) and Android (Lollipop and higher). Touch Ring Touch Ring Tap the touch ring to turn on the device. Tap the touch ring again to cycle through preset light and sound combinations.

Does the Hatch have to be plugged in to work?

Besides, it has plenty of frills on its own: You control the device from a very user-friendly no-frills app that you download. And because the Hatch Plus can be plugged in or run on batteries, it’s also fully portable. It has a toddler lock to prevent kids from messing with it.

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What is the difference between Hatch and Hatch plus?

Hatch Rest is the original — a quality sound machine plus nightlight that can be controlled via an app. Hatch Rest+ adds a built-in battery for cord-free use, and includes features like a clock, audio monitor, and voice control.

Which hatch sound is best?

White noise is a great tool to set your baby up for sleep success! The Hatch can be used as a sound machine, but should be set to white noise only. White noise does not interfere with sleep as varying sounds do. If you have successfully introduced an ok-to-wake clock, that’s great!