Is Doona suitable for newborn?

Yes, the Doona is suitable for a newborn! … Included with purchase of the Doona is an infant insert cushion designed to create a near-flat position for your newborn to rest comfortably when in the car seat.

Is the Doona car seat safe?

Doona, with its unique hybrid functionality, has been tested to meet the strictest US standards for Car-Seats, Strollers and Hand-Held Carriers. Doona successfully passed all legally required compliance tests. … In frontal collision tests (the most frequent type of car accident), Doona scored a high 5-star rating.

What age is Doona for?

The Doona is not limited by age, but is by weight. The weight limit for Doona is 13 kg, or about 12 to 15 months. Some parents have told us that they have used Doona until 24 months. To make the most of the Doona, we recommend to start using it from the birth of your child.

When should I stop using Doona?

The manufacturer recommends that you discontinue use of your Doona infant car seat after it has reached 6 years from the date of manufacture.

Is it safe to use Doona without base?

Yes. The Doona is certified for air travel (without the base). In most aircrafts, the Doona can easily pass through the airplane aisle and can be installed on passenger seats.

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Is it safe to install Doona without base?

The Doona can be installed in a vehicle without the base, using only a seatbelt, making it convenient for travel and taxis.

What is the difference between Doona and Doona +?

What is the difference between Doona and Doona+? There is no more Doona today on the market, only Doona+ is available. The difference is a minor change in the design of the head support.

Does Doona ever go on sale?

Does Doona Ever Go On Sale? Yes, you can find the Doona on sale. However, one important thing to know is that only authorized retailers are allowed to sell the Doona. The Simple Parenting Company (the company behind the Doona) is very strict on when retailers can put their items on sale.

Can a 2 year old use a Doona?

You can use these from birth until they reach the weight or height limit on the seat. You might hear people saying they are good until the baby is 1 year old – but age has nothing to do with it, so check the guidelines on the seat. Usually infant car seats attach to a base; this is why the Doona is so unique.

Do you need another stroller with Doona?

Like any other infant car seat, the Doona can be used for baby’s first year, give or take a few months depending mostly on your child’s height. … At that point, you’ll need to get both a new stroller and a convertible car seat that your child will use for the next 5-6 years.

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Is the Doona heavy?

The Doona weighs 14 lbs/6.5 kg. I agree that sounds heavy considering there are traditional car seats on the market that are under 7 lbs. BUT you will only be lifting the car seat from the ground into the car when locking it into the base.