How do I delete a Buy Buy Baby Registry?

How do I delete my buybuy BABY account?

You can exercise this right by completing and submitting a Request Form or by contacting us at 1-877-3-BUY-BABY (1-877-328-9222) between 7:00 am and 1:00 am EST, seven (7) days a week. Request Deletion. In certain circumstances, you may request that we delete your personal information.

How do I unsubscribe from buybuy BABY emails? We’re sorry to see you go. To unsubscribe from receiving future Product Review emails from buybuy BABY, please select the “remove” option below and click submit. Please note that you will not be removed from our list immediately; unsubscribe requests take at least 48 hours to process.

How do I speak to someone at buybuy BABY?

Please call us at 1-877-3-BUY-BABY® (1-877-328-9222) or live chat with us to request your changes.

How many times can you use buybuy BABY completion discount?

buybuy BABY registry completion discount

Both coupons are valid for up to three months after the expected arrival date and can be used one time each.

Who has the best baby registry?

The 8 Best Baby Registries of 2021

  • Best Overall: Amazon.
  • Best Budget: Walmart.
  • Best for Free Gifts: Babylist.
  • Best Perks: Target.
  • Best for Multiple Stores:
  • Best for Twins: buybuy BABY.
  • Best for Nursery: Pottery Barn Kids.
  • Best for Furniture: Crate & Kids.
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Can I return Buy Buy Baby to Bed Bath and Beyond?

Can I return Buy Buy Baby items to Bed Bath & Beyond? … Hi Erin, you can return Baby items at Bed Bath & Beyond if they carry the item. If Bed Bath & Beyond carries Baby items in store, you are able to place a Baby order.

How do I know who bought me from Buy Buy Baby Registry?

Re: Buy Buy Baby registrants – can you see who bought what? You can call them and ask and they’d be able to tell you who purchased it if it is being sent to you. If not, they can tell you what store it was purchased at.

Does Buy Buy Baby adjust prices?

buybuy BABY will match any advertised price that meets our Price Match Promise conditions up to 14 days after purchase, in-store or online. We will also match our prices up to 14 days after purchase. Clearance and seasonal items are not eligible for price adjustments.

How do I email Buy Buy Baby?

Help is always available at 1-877-3-BUY-BABY (1-877-328-9222) or email us at

How can I track my Babylist order?

If you’re a Registrant tracking a gift purchased for you from the Babylist store, you can find tracking information directly on your Gift Reservation page by clicking “Track your package.”