Best answer: How many diapers are in a jumbo pack of Huggies?

Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers, Jumbo Pack, Size 4, 23 Count.

Does Huggies Gold have a wetness indicator?

Hi Rizzie, Huggies Gold 3 does not come with a wetness indicator.

What is the weight for size 6 diapers?

Pampers Diaper Sizes

Child’s Weight Diaper Size
16–28 lbs Size 3
22–37 lbs Size 4
27+ lbs Size 5
35+ lbs Size 6

Does Huggies size 7 diapers? huggies size 7 – Disposable Diapers / Diapering: Baby.

What size diapers should my baby be in?


Newborn Up to 10 lbs. first few weeks only
Size 1 8–14 lbs. birth–4 months
Size 2 12–18 lbs. 3–8 months
Size 3 16–28 lbs. 5–24 months
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