Our “Like New” Promise To You

Hire4Baby.com has high standards. We’re parents. And if we’re not comfortable with our kids using our products, we’re not happy with yours using them either. That’s why we have a ‘Like New’ promise attached to every order, and if you feel any item falls short, we’ll replace it. No questions asked.

The Hire4Baby.com ‘Like New’ Promise To You

Every product should be:

1. Sanitised and Sparkling Clean.
We go to extensive lengths in our cleaning process, using natural, hypoallergenic, baby-friendly products from Seventh Generation. No popper, zip or wheel goes unturned.

2. Certified as Safe. 
We are deeply committed to safety, and ensuring every Hire4Baby.com product adheres to individual manufacturer guidelines. Our team of technicians each have a Certificate in Child Restraint Training, covering the selection and installation of child restraints.

3. Looked After With Love.
If we see even the slightest sign of wear and tear, the product will be removed from our inventory immediately.

4. In Full Working Order.
Our products have a wealth of moveable parts, which we manually test – constantly. If anything doesn’t slide, turn or lock as it should, the product won’t go out.