What The Fudge: Daddy Chronicles


A father's take on parenting in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

September 26, 2017

The Tantrum

Now I’m a pretty stable guy – crying, whining and noises don’t get to me. So, if my boy starts crying due to no imminent danger and just because he can’t reach a knife (or something else ridiculously dangerous which is what he is always inevitably aiming for), then I let him cry. Go ahead, I’m busy with something else. And you really have no use for a knife! That’s when his shit may break loose! […]
September 26, 2017

The Mohawk

I’ve been traveling for work lately which means that I haven’t been spending enough time at home. Which means that my son is being a little neglected by me. Not sure if he minds though as he’s very easily distracted. Don’t think he misses me anywhere near how much I have come to miss him. The parental bond is intrinsic in nature. And although I am repeatedly reminded by total strangers that we have an uncanny […]